quarta-feira, abril 30, 2008

Adeus, Abril

Uma grande canção.

Hey honey what you trying to say
As I stand here
Dont you walk away
And the world comes tumbling down
Hand in hand in a violent life
Making love on the edge of a knife
And the world comes tumbling down
And its hard
For me to say
And its hard
For me to stay
Im going down
To be by myself
Im going back
For the good of my health
And theres one thing
I couldnt do
Sacrifice myself to you
Baby baby I just cant see
Just what you mean to me
I take my aim and I fake my words
Im just your long time curse
And if you walk away
I cant take it
But thats the way that you are
And thats the things that you say
But now youve gone too far
With all the things you say
Get back to where you come from
I cant help it
Under the april skies
Under the april sun
Sun grows cold
Sky gets black
And you broke me up
And now you wont come back
Shaking hand, life is dead
And a broken heart
And a screaming head
Under the april sky

segunda-feira, abril 28, 2008

sábado, abril 12, 2008

Às arrecuas

A senhora diz que não, que foi um entendimento. Os sindicatos acham também que foi um entendimento. A mim parece-me um recuo e em quase toda a linha. Tem sido, ultimamente, a grande estratégia governativa - recuar. Das duas uma: ou os nossos governantes estavam errados antes, ou estão errados agora.

terça-feira, abril 01, 2008


"Cluster was one of the pioneering electronic music groups which popped out of Germany's electrical grid in the late 1960's. While Kraftwerk motored down the Autobahn, and Tangerine Dream used sequencers to explore the subconscious mind, Cluster sought out the secret musical language of factory machinery."